Is your software giving out all its potencial?

Many useful applications remain hidden to the world because the developers are not able to contact the users.

Free Contest is a web where companies sell applications to other companies that are able to target different markets. How can a small software company in Paris sell to a small vehicle hiring company in Boston? Through a software company in Boston!

Ok, once this is clear there are mayways of selling. A two part agreement, or maybe a hundred part agreement. Why not? Our company has developped a software useful for clinics... there are clinics all around the world. Could we reach them? No, we cannot offer them the installation and support they need for the price small clinics are able to pay. But a local company could, so let's sell the software to that company, if there are a hundred local companys interested, the final price could be really small. Everybody wins.

Free Software? Why not? If a lot of people want a software to be opened, and the development company agrees with the earnings,just free it.

Do you have any project you would like to sell? Send us a mail with all the information (Project Name, Status, Programming Language, Purpose, target user, contact information, company name is optional) in plain text, or as an HTML (zipped with images). The service is absolutely free, we give no guarantee, and give none. Any questions? Mail them to us(