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Description: ClinicSoft is a complete multiplatform (Linux - Windows) clinic management software.

Proposal: The actual development company will abandon delopment and support for end users. We are looking for companies interested in buying the application and offering support. A form is added below.

DeadLine: February 15. However information will be displayed at this site periodically.


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icono lista Database with all patient data.
icono lista Medical files: multiple for one patient, apps, history, external files.
icono lista Search by patient name, number, invoice date, etc.
icono lista ASaves graphical data (images, scanned documents) .
icono lista Workers control: timetable, planning for busy hours daily and weekly.
icono lista Financial: debts by date and patient, invoices. Administrator control.
icono lista Session type control: duration, planning color, price, etc.
icono lista Pay type control.
icono lista Use of company medical files: patient assigned to company with fixed prices

Status: In production (already installed in several clinics)

Programming Language: C++.

End User price (clinics): 1500 €

Constes: Ceseda Soft, BioCom.

Comments: If we get enough offers we would like to open the application as free software. Another option is to sell it to a company, which could offer development and support.


Please fill in the form below with your contact information, economical offer for the aplication and desired licence. [All the information will be confidential and implies no commitment.]

Nota: Toda la información será tratada confidencialmente y las propuestas no implican ningún compromiso.

Ejemplo 1: 500 € if GPL is choosed.

Ejemplo 2: 40000 € if I get exclusive rights.

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